Streamline with a data-driven decision support system.

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Get the most out of your data.

Enable your black gold – data. We develop data-driven decision support systems that collect data efficiently and accurately. Our own algorithms analyze processes and manufacturing. In addition, we have a coherent and flexible presentation model that provides the right decision basis for production, maintenance and management.

Base decisions on facts
The difference between believing and knowing makes all the difference.

Reveal hidden focal points
Analyzes over several and varying data sources.

Improve production efficiency
Get an overview of your OEE, production schedule vs. actual, and production speed.

Optimize profitability in work processes
Avoid stopping of production and downtime through predictive maintenance.

Identify business opportunities
Find out which customers or industries are most profitable.

CIP analysis
Streamline your cleaning processes.

Wherever you are
View data directly on the production floor, coffee room or at home.

Sustainability reports
For medium and large companies, meet the requirements of EU authorities.

Collect data from control systems, business systems, logistics systems and databases.

We also offer

Project Management
All assignments are unique and we are flexible. We tailor the projects to suit you and your organization.

Centralization of data
Gather several data sources into one. Combine scattered databases and excel documents.

Installation of new sensors
Expand your data by installing new sensors. We have over 20 years of experience in automation.