Business Systems, PLC, SCADA, Analytics and Supervision. We call it Industrial IT.

Improving processes and production for our customers.

We know the requirements of the entire chain from order and business systems via process, operator and production to delivery, reporting, traceability and analysis. With industrial IT, we make processes and production more effective for our customers. We develop solutions based on analysis, PLC programming and monitoring. With improved automation and production solutions, we not only improve productivity but also flexibility and quality.

We are a leading supplier of automation and commissioning. Our long experience has lead us to know what expectations are set and how you can add value to your company through automation, modernization, control and monitoring of processes.

Streamline with a data-driven decision support system

Enable your black gold – data. We develop data-driven decision support systems that collect data efficiently and accurately. Our own algorithms analyze processes and manufacturing. In addition, we have a coherent and flexible presentation model that provides the right decision basis for production, maintenance and management.

Reveal hidden focal points
Analyzes over several and varying data sources.

Improve production efficiency
Get an overview of your OEE, production schedule vs. actual, and production speed.

Collect data from control systems, business systems, logistics systems and databases.

Data visualization
Presents your data beautifully and concisely.