Electrical design PLC and SCADA programming in the pharmaceutical industry.

We design complete production lines.

We deliver complete solutions that include audit trail, security and reporting tools.

We support the pharmaceutical industry with:

We solve your problem quickly. No matter which industry. No process can afford to stand still. Automation since 1997.

Commissioning & Trimming
Commissioning can be the difference between a failed or successful project.

We convert older control systems to modern solutions.

Troubleshoot & Optimize
With improved automation and production solutions, we do not only improve the productivity but also flexibility and quality.

Collecting, Reporting & Traceability
Keep track of the entire chain from business system via process, operator and production to delivery, reports, traceability and analysis.

Accurate with high technical competence

High demands, strict laws and fierce competition in pharmaceuticals have made our engineers rigorusly focus on precision and technical competence.

Streamline with a data-driven decision support system

Enable your black gold – data. We develop data-driven decision support systems that collect data efficiently and accurately. Our own algorithms analyze processes and manufacturing. In addition, we have a coherent and flexible presentation model that provides the right decision basis for production, maintenance and management.

Reveal hidden focal points
Analyzes over several and varying data sources.

Improve production efficiency
Get an overview of your OEE, production schedule vs. actual, and production speed.

Collect data from control systems, business systems, logistics systems and databases.

Data visualization
Presents your data beautifully and concisely.