About us.

We are a world-leading company in automation, commissioning, industrial IT, and electrical engineering. We are specialists in fast, modern and precise technology. We believe in being effective and personal. We are easy to understand, we are always possible to reach – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have over 20 years of experience in tailoring unique solutions for companies, in widely different industries – across the globe. Right now, somewhere in the world, something is being produced from a process that we have automated and commissioned.

We offer:

We solve your problem quickly. No matter which industry. No process can afford to stand still. Automation since 1997.

25 years of experience. Commissioning is not just about understanding technology, but also understanding how you as a customer think.

Project Management
All assignments are unique and we are flexible. We tailor the projects to suit you and your organization.

Keep track of the entire chain from business system via process, operator and production to delivery, reports, traceability and analysis.

Electrical Engineering
We design and provide support for cabinet construction, factory layout, machine and process installation.

Industrial IT
With improved automation and production solutions, we do not only improve the productivity but also flexibility and quality.

Our history

It all started in a small room with just a desk, a chair, a computer and me. The first few years I worked alone. I brewed my own coffee in the morning and worked for as long as I could. Often both days and nights. Weekends did not exist. Tetra Pak was my first customer and took all my waking time.

But soon the assignments became more – and they came from all corners of the earth. The world became my workplace and my office suddenly felt like an international airport. The world felt small and no problem too big for me to solve.

But after a couple of years, I felt I could not continue. Not alone. There were simply not enough hours a day to allow me alone to satisfy all customers and solve all the projects.

Today, Martensson Consulting consists of more than 40 employees and we have offices in Sweden and Serbia. And yes – the whole globe is still our workplace.

It’s special to work with automation. We need to resolve the customer’s problem quickly. No matter which industry they are active in. Time is the deciding factor. No process can afford to stand still. At Martensson Consulting we work quickly and systematically. We are professional, efficient and always available to our customers. We always start our cooperation with listening carefully. Only by doing the right analysis can we solve the right problem.

Our process is based on five steps, all easy to understand and all equally important: Design, Automation, Commissioning, Monitoring / Analysis and of course 24/7 support. One customer may need us in all steps – another only in one step or two. We tailor our work to suit every customer’s personality and unique situation.

At Martensson we believe in creating personal relationships. We want to create confidence in our work. Both by always providing the right solutions and always being available, 24/7.

Nils Mårtensson – VD Mårtensson Consulting