Project Management.

Experienced project managers.

Our project managers have solid experience from leading and running large projects with well-documented success. We not only manage electricity and automation, but take responsibility for all the parts that may be included when moving or building new factories and production lines.

Create complete solutions
Together with our partners, we can plan/manage, design, calculate and deliver everything from hardware and machinery to entire process lines.

We ensure that objectives and requirements are implemented
Committed teamwork and knowledge sharing is extremely important, especially in large projects.

Fixed price or by the hour
We undertake projects at a fixed price or by the hour according to our customers’ wishes.

Deliverables based on your wishes
If you want a part-delivery, we work according to your wishes, requirements and function descriptions. We take care of the part you need help with.

Focus on efficiency and the best possible end result
Achieve the best possible end result while remaining efficient, all based on cost, quality and time.

Available 24/7
We are always with you, especially in urgent matters.

We are a leading supplier of automation and commissioning. Our long experience has lead us to know what expectations are set and how you can add value to your company through automation, modernization, control and monitoring of processes.